The Fort Wayne Reptile Expo
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Modern, Clean and easily locatable.

Show starts at 9a.m. & ends at 2p.m.

November show has been cancelled due to changing locations for the show.......sorry for the inconvienence.

A Reptile show done the right way.  Brought to
you by reptile enthusiasts.  

Absolutely under no circumstance will there ever
be anything but Reptiles and Reptile related
products, arachnids and bugs at our show. 

Karl Buckler  260-402-9013

Kevin Emery  260-519-5031


The Fort Wayne Reptile Expo

911 West Washington Center Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46825


Vendors don't forget..........

Tables are each .00  Tables are 8 feet long!

Vendors must be on the premises and set up by 9 am.
(Call if you're going to be late, or you'll lose your table.)

Vendors must be completely packed up and out by 3 p.m.

Electricity is available; bring your own extension cords.
Regular vendors have assigned spots--new vendors fill in.

No venomous permitted or illegal animals allowed.

No crocodilians over 5 feet in length, or Indiana Native species.

We are not liable for any injuries or thefts.

The Best in the Midwest.........see for yourself!

Are you tired of filthy restrooms?

Tired of overpriced food?

Tired of birds, cats and dogs at your Reptile Show?

Tired of just Plain Bad Reptile Shows?



Plenty of room for Customer Parking